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Pilot - p18
Pilot - p18

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Risk Hunter K

Welcome to the supercontinent of Kruinne, where humanity has staked out a corner for itself in a world of monstrous fauna! This story is about Risk Hunters, men and women who risk their lives hunting the beasts of Kruinne to bring back valuable resources. This comic is meant to be read left-to-right. Follow updates at the right pace over at ! Because I have a job as an illustrator and work on this on my free time, the update schedule is sporadic.


RHK arrives at Smackjeeves

Hi everyone! I'm fresh over from Inkblazers, which is shutting down.
With that I'm moving my comic over here! This is my first ever big project (and comic project in general), and I hope you'll like it!

Early pages will suffer from some jerky visuals, mostly because I was experimenting between each page.

posted by Gigas T @ December 31st, 2014, 7:52 am  -  0 comments

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